One of the more challenging parts of social distancing is keeping kids from going stir crazy. They’re missing playdates with their friends, they’re missing sports—and, dare I say it?—they’re even missing school. 

A small silver lining of springtime quarantine is that the weather is warming up in most places. That means there are more opportunities to head outdoors in your neighborhood and enjoy some fresh, socially distanced air.

One great activity the entire family can enjoy together is going on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. It doesn’t require anything more than your “I spy” eyes and a list of items to search out—and we’ve got you covered on the second one. 

Download our Quarantine Scavenger Hunt, print off a few copies, grab some pencils, a pair of shoes, and your favorite quarantined crew and have some fun! 

DOWNLOAD HERE –> Quarantine Scavenger Hunt


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