I had an article all written and ready to go, but something caught my eye via Facebook. A special story, one that brought on the waterworks. A story about a little baby, fighting for her life. Ashlyn Riggins was born November 6th, with physical deformities and airway issues. Ashlyn is in hospice now, her mother and grandmother beside her. A two-year-old sister nearby, too.

I read the story over again. Three times to be exact. Then, I read the paper copy in the newspaper. Each time, tears gathered in my eyes and my heart broke. Ashlyn has problems breathing, sometimes, her mother Cassidy has to suction mucus out of her little mouth because she cannot swallow on her own. Sometimes, Ashlyn stops breathing. Then starts again. Watching the process has to be heart wrenching.

I don’t know Cassidy or her family. I don’t know much of her story other than the article from the Lincoln Journal Star and from the Go Fund Me page. I cannot imagine the mother’s pain, what she is going through day after day, what her family has seen. The hard choices. The struggles.

But I admire Cassidy’s strength and hope. Ashlyn is a precious little girl.

I donated too. Her daughter was born on the same day as my son.

My previous written article, cute and creative as it was, didn’t seem as important after reading Ashlyn’s struggles. The silliness of life, the little annoyances are nothing compared to the big picture and real struggles.

I ask you all, as busy as you are, to say a prayer for Ashlyn Riggins and her family.

You can read Ashlyn’s story below:



Kate Hula

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