Dear students,

I wish I could wrap you in a hug right now! You, my dears, are “my kids.”

During this time of uncertainty, I want what is best for you.

But I am sad.

Our year has been ripped away from us. The unknown of when we will return to the classroom, or if we will finish the year through remote learning is the reality we are facing.

And I am sad because I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye.

We didn’t know with the last hug and high five that it would be for more than just the weekend.

We didn’t know our classroom—usually full of life and organized chaos—would soon sit empty and silent.

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I am missing your smiles, hugs, laughter, and even your perfectly ill-timed jokes. I long to watch your aha moments. I would give anything to tell you it’s getting too loud and it’s time to focus.

To tell you I am proud of you.

That I love you.

No matter what the rest of this year brings, know you will forever be a part of my heart.

This will be one school year none of us will ever forget.

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Know that you are strong, smart, brave, and loved!

Until next time,
Your teacher

(This article was written by a teacher who would like to remain anonymous. Thank you to all the teachers out there for your hard work!) 

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