Each week there are a handful of play dates that we have lined up with friends and neighbors. Some casual, some planned, but all give me a little bit of anxiety if I’m telling the truth.

My toddler loves playing with other kids, talks about them all the time, tells me about his friends at school. But when it comes time for the actual play date, when it’s time to actually play with other kids, it can get a little hairy. Some days I even wonder if it’s just easier to stay at home and forget the play date all together.

But then I get up the courage, put on my big girl pants, and face that play date because I know you’re right there with me.

I’m so thankful that your child isn’t perfect either.

I’m thankful your child struggles with sharing too.

I’m thankful sometimes we have to break up little quarrels where they both have to have the red car.

I’m thankful that your child pushed mine, and you had to quietly take them aside and tell them it wasn’t OK.

I’m thankful that your baby was fussy and cried when he should have been sleeping in his car seat.

You see, I have a confession to make.

My kids aren’t perfect. They get really moody after nap-time. They often tell me they want juice when really they just need a hug. Sometimes they are really, really wild. There are days they jump on my couch and I don’t tell them to get off because I’m just too tired. They struggle with sharing and sometimes get really mad about not getting what they want.

You get it. You know, too, that they are toddlers. Babies. And this time goes so fast. But it can be messy and exhausting and imperfect.

I’m so glad your kids aren’t perfect, because mine definitely aren’t. I’m so thankful you get it, too, and don’t expect my kids to be on their best behavior, since that so rarely happens these days.

I’m so thankful I don’t have to make up an excuse for why they didn’t behave perfectly today.

And while I’m not wishing bad behavior on any mom, I’m so thankful I’m not alone.

Because it’s not fair to expect our kids to be unicorns, when I know I’m not one myself.

Cheers, dear mom friend, to our perfectly imperfect children and for our crazy play dates where very little sharing actually happens.

Julie Borm

Julie is a part-time strategic communications consultant and full-time wife and mama to two little boys. Coffee, ice cream and Nordstrom are her weaknesses, and she finds strength in her faith, family and writing, especially for her blog http://bormandco.com/. She's a down-to-earth midwestern girl at heart, who has lived all over the country and now loves the fact she gets to raise her family in her home state of Ohio. Visit her blog where she enjoys writing about fulfilling career goals and dreams, activity ideas for little kids, and about her quest to savor every moment of crazy, beautiful motherhood.