It never fails. The end of the school year is fast approaching. And you’re thinking: “What am I going to do with my kiddos this summer?”

It is not everyday that families have the luxury to take vacations or afford summer camps. Perhaps, you need to stay home – staycation style.

Besides the traditional, popular summer outings, you wonder about other ideas to entertain your children. Do you need ideas for long summer days or staycation? 

Check out these 10 fun ideas for your family:

  1. Cool off by a swimming pool

Chilling by a swimming pool is one great way to cool off. Traditionally, you want to head to a swimming pool right in your backyard; however, other families have other options.

You can head to your local community pool that has slides and water sprinklers or you can take a dip at your local lake. While other families enjoy community pools, you enjoy lakes, streams, and even river banks to dip in and refresh.

  1. Go to library summer programs

As the summer heats on, why not head to your local library for story time or special reading programs? It is a great time to bond with your little ones and you’re inside in an air conditioned building.

While you’re there, make sure to check out monthly reading programs, workshops, and children’s events. Many local libraries are filled with great activities to encourage reading for children.

  1. Splurge on water features for your backyard

Perhaps, your backyard is your sanctuary during hot summer days. You might want to invest in kiddie inflatable pools or waterslides.

You can use these summer activities at any time, weather permitting. While children enjoy playing in the water, you cool off at the same time by spending time with your kids and having fun.

  1. Go to splash pads

But what do you if you live in an apartment with no amenities? Head over to your local splash pad park, if available in your area.

Recently, splash pads are more popular since they are small or large areas with a sprinkler system that are automatic. Children have so much fun jumping and having fun in the refreshing, drenching play area.

  1. Have an ice cream social

What’s more fun than cooling off with cold water? Of course, when you mix children and ice cream buffet, you’re sure to have a party.

Why not have a few families together to an ice cream social? All you have to do is supply ice cream and invite everyone else to bring toppings, sauce, and supplies.

Also, make sure to have wipes handy. To add more fun, have this event at your local park with splash pads.

  1. Enjoy an outdoor movie

As those summer warm nights roll in, many local community and shopping centers promote by having outdoor family movie night. Grab your blankets, lawn chairs, and a picnic basket and head to your nearest outdoor movie place.

Some places even offer discounts for local restaurants or shops. Take advantage of a breezy warm summer night and enjoy a family outdoor movie night.

  1. Make glow in the dark crafts

Long summer days also mean pleasant nights. It also gives the opportunity to explore the night outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area to watch fireflies light up a summery night, then you’re going to love making glow-in-the-dark crafts.

Grab some luminescence glue, glow sticks, or paint from your local craft store and start creating your masterpieces. Make all sorts of creations: shirts, jars, posters, pictures, and games.

Some luminescent materials even glow under water.

  1. Have an indoor dinner and show

When stormy, summery nights interrupt the fun, just move the enjoyment of summer inside. Create simple finger foods and curl together for a family dinner and a show. If you want to be creative, let the kids create a pretend magic show or a theatrical entertainment piece such as a puppet show.

  1. Sing your sillies with karaoke family night

Although not for the shy at heart, karaoke is a fun activity everyone enjoys. You can download karaoke apps on your phone and go all out with playful singing. Or you can be fancy and rent a karaoke machine. Earplugs may be required!

  1. Visit your local park

Go on an adventure with your family at your local conservation parks. You’re sure to have nearby walking paths and hiking trails to enjoy nature. Take advantage of the outdoors and bond with your family.

Whatever your plans this summer, enjoy it by bonding with your family.

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Barbara Mascareno-Shaw

Barbara is a bilingual content writer and a science teacher. She loves to write about parenting and family fun activities. Barbara writes about her educational journey as a teacher and a multicultural mom on her blog at Spanish4Kiddos, an online educational resource.