My sweet baby girl, I carried you safe and warm in my womb, comfy and loved with the sound of my heartbeat to keep you content

Little did you know outside in this big wonderful world, things have changed and become so unknown. Stuck inside the house, going out for a walk with your daddy and sister but nowhere else to make sure I protect you to my best ability.

My heart ached for daddy, missing appointments and waiting for a phone call just to be reassured all had gone OK. I ached for myself, going alone, double nervous to be doing it in these circumstances. Not knowing if I would give birth alone, missing my family and their reassurance.

Mostly, my sweet baby, I ached for you.

You would not know the warm skin of your grandparents and great grandparents, the love and affection from your aunties and uncles, the gentle rubs across your fuzzy hair from all those that adore you. You would only know me, Daddy, and your sister.

I feel lucky in some ways, you have at least been born in a time where you can be seen and loved from a distance. Although, I feel so sad for those cooing from afar, how they would love to squeeze you, how I long to give you a photo album like your sister’s, first cuddles with all those we love.

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The days in this pandemic are whizzing by my sweet girl, but so are days with you.

You have already changed and grown so much. You smile, you’ve become strong, and already your personality is starting to shine through.

I hope for you that one day not so ridiculously far away, the world will be its new normal.

Because, baby, the world is the most beautiful place. I hope the eyes you see it through one day won’t have to see it so drastically different.

But deep down, I think how lucky are we. To have a new baby born safe and healthy. One we can cherish, just us. And soak in every little piece of your untouched pure skin. Watch you day in and day out. See your sister show you such love.

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You have been our sunshine on rainy days, knowing through all this we would see your little face soon.

You were born in a pandemic sweetheart, but that does not define you. You were born into a family that loves you beyond your imagination.

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