Twenty-one days go by before I get to spend a short seven with the one I love. Routine is what keeps me sane, same for him, I suppose. While I go on with each day I am not doomed by sadness or boredom, instead I work towards bettering myself both emotionally and physically while creating a welcoming and warm home for him to return. While he works long days away, sacrificing precious time for money to support both of our dreams it is the least I can do.

Throughout my days I see couples, together. They go about their routines, together. They grocery shop, together. Walk the dog, together. Live each and every day, together. Although from time to time jealousy floods me when I see this, I remember who I have thousands of miles away working for the betterment of both of our lives. Someone who, each day, crosses off the calendar days until twenty-one have gone by and he is boarding a plane with a ticket home to me. Someone who every morning and night wishes me well for what is ahead of me. Someone who says, “Do what makes you happy and I will take care of the rest.”

It is hard. Believe me I have had my struggles and tears, feeling alone and wanting nothing more than loving company. I guess that’s why he got me a dog. Loyalty, trust, and respect are key in having a relationship, let alone a marriage, with someone who works on the road. It is about choosing that person as your person each and every day without straying away from the love the two of you share.

Temptation will come, that is guaranteed. I have had my “what if” thoughts and so has he. At the end of the day, we choose. We choose each other over all others, despite the distance and struggles. My love, respect, loyalty, and appreciation for him is far too strong to let my choice stray too far.

Seven days home, what a wonderful week it is. I get to share my life and routine with my best friend and lover. Each day goes fast, the nights even faster. While it is a great seven days, the adjustment to have another person with me every minute of every day is a challenge. What side of the bed to sleep on? What time to go to sleep and wake up? What to eat for breakfast? Sounds silly but it really does challenge my routine. The solution is always just letting things happen as they happen; there really never is a plan. We grocery shop, together. Walk the dog, together. Live seven days, together.

At the end of the seven days he packs his bag, we set an alarm for 6:00 am, and we head to the airport for our routine good-bye. Routine, always comes back to routine.

Again, the twenty-one day countdown begins. Full of love and inspiration from our time together, I get right back into bettering myself and our home environment. I feel so thankful for the time we have just spent together and convince myself that these next twenty-one days will fly by, even though they never do.

One day he will come home each and every night. I wonder what kind of routine we will have together. Will we grocery shop and walk the dog together? Will we go to sleep and wake up at the same time? What will we eat for breakfast? I look forward to finding out, as for now I’ll keep counting down.

Brooke Mulkay

I am a lover of health & fitness, nourishment A. K. A. Grub, nature, dogs, residential and floral design and family life. 
I love to express my creativity by working with both my hands and my mind to create beautiful things and thoughts. 
I am a firm believer in doing things that truly make you happy. "If you don't like what you're doing then don't do it" are the wise words I was given by my father while I was considering leaving my former studies to pursue my true passion of design (to which I did and boy am I happy) and those words are the words I live by each and every day. 
I like to lead a simple yet interesting and adventurous life. Why? Because life is to short to be stressed AND bored.