Written By:  Anna Greenwald @ elesch

Across every fashion magazine this season, you will see every style guide pointing straight to leather!

Now, I am quite feminine with my style. When I first hit market and heard this months ago I thought, “I am not a biker chick!” HOWEVER, after a few appointments and ordering many leather trimmed pieces for the store, I realized I was in LOVE!

Yes, the Biker jacket is back BUT it is not just for the edgy babes riding on the back of a Harley! Today this bomber is paired with flirty dresses and flowy tops, and is colored in pinks, reds, and blues! This ladies, is the perfect way to be cute and feminine with a little edge! And you all know what I am talking about. We all have that piece we put on when we want to show a little more attitude than usual. Well this is mine!

Of course in today’s fashion world, we can’t just bring back an old classic. So what better way to add detail than to take this trend and trim our favorite pieces! In the photo you can see I chose this very fun camel vest with leather trim. This vest is so perfect to make a dress appear more casual or to add more pizazz to your everyday jeans. I’ve gotta say, love this piece over a basic long sleeve shirt paired
with boots.

The final piece I’ll mention is none other the the Leather Lapel Blazer! (It wouldn’t be my post without a blazer!) Need I say more??

Just in case you have missed my rants about blazers, let me tell you why you need this (or one similar) in your closet NOW! It is THE most versatile piece to use with light denim for an everyday sparkle, dark denim for a dinner date, and with slacks or a skirt for work. This style with the leather detail is so much fun to add an edge to your work look or throw on with a slouch top and chunky boots for the evening. Did I mention I love the leather lapel over a feminine dress?

So little time and so much attitude!! Don’t miss your chance this season for a little leather and a lot of edge.

What makes you feel edgy in your wardrobe!?

I have studded earrings and a leather cuff that do the trick! 🙂


Anna Greenwald

Owner, creative director, and personal stylist, Anna Greenwald opened elesch boutique in October of 2011. She takes her combination of sensible fashion, perspective, and today's trends to bring unique and versatile style to Mid-Nebraska. elesch, being the combination of elegant and fresh, perfectly describes the fashion, as well as the store atmosphere. Elesch boutique offers personal styling as well as private shopping nights for any group or occasion. Anna and elesch stylists are available for personal styling by appointment. 308-455-1335