Time to get up mama, there’s work to be done.

He sees you, lying there in those last few moments of the morning’s quiet.

Before the noise erupts and busyness starts.

Before there are breakfasts to make, children to dress, schoolbags to check, and shoes to find.

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Before you get everyone out the door on time and then turn back around to start the rest of your day.

He sees you, mama.

You go through your list, or at least the bits you can remember in your frazzled mind: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, prep dinner, grab groceries, call the doctor, visit the pharmacy, second load of laundry, school pick up.

And you know that with the school pick up, the next part of your list begins: homework, dinners, bathtime, and bedtimes.

He sees you, mama.

My friend, I know that in your plan for the day there is no time for you.

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You don’t know when you will fit in your shower, your devotional, your coffee, or even a bathroom break. You don’t know if you will grab a few minutes to finally reply to those messages from your friends. The ones they have seen that you read three days ago but still haven’t responded to.

He sees you, mama.

He knows that today you will think of everyone before yourself.

You will put their needs first and yours will be last, again.

He sees you, mama.

Even once you finally lay your head down tonight, you won’t go to sleep straight away. Though you’re beyond tired and your eyes are heavy, you can’t sleep just yet. Because your mind is already preparing tomorrow’s lists and schedules.

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He sees you, mama.

Lying there in those last few moments of the morning’s quiet.

But it’s time to get up, sweet mamathere’s work to be done.

I know many days you feel overlooked and undervalued in the work you do. But dear sister, God sees you and He treasures you.

He knows that in your days of nursing, cleaning, cooking, teaching, fetching, mending, praying, tidying, and hurrying that you are also building.

The work you do, in raising those babies, that’s Kingdom-building work.

And He sees every last bit of it.

So it’s time to get up mama, there’s work to be done. 

Danetta  Powell

First-time blogger. Christian wife and mother. Sharing my thoughts and prayers on womanhood, motherhood, faith, and family.