Mama, you look like Jesus when . . . 

You’re wiping down the high chair for the third time today.

You’re teaching your toddler how to cope with big feelings.

You wash the 8000th load of laundryand then wash it again because you forgot about it for three days.

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You hold your crying child after he’s finally fallen off the chair you have pulled him down from 30 times already.

You patiently wait for your 3-year-old to dress herself.

You nurse your newborn back to sleep while the rest of your household is in dreamland.

You bathe your babies after a long day of playing.

You play dolls or catch when you’d rather take a nap.

You serve your family dinner (whether it’s one you’ve spent all day prepping or simply the Lord’s chicken).

You teach your children to pray.

And, wait for it . . .

You escape to recharge, refill your cup, renew your mind.

Even Jesus in His perfection had to get alone with His Father to recharge. Don’t let the enemy make you feel guilty for that. 

Read that one again.

Sometimes motherhood feels like a thankless job. You do a million tiny things that feel invisible.

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Let me remind you that not only do you look like Jesus as you faithfully serve your family, but Jesus is also looking at you.

Every invisible selfless task you do from sunup to sundown is seen by your Savior.

Every Cheerio picked up, every ounce of milk pumped, every tear wiped is not done in vain. As you serve your family He smiles down on His daughter with gladness because you are actually serving Him.

“The king will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'” (Matthew 25:40).

Taylor Pierce

I am a Christian wife and teacher-turned-SAHM in the trenches of parenting two tiny humans. You'll find me the happiest sipping a cup of coffee with Jesus in the early morning hours or hanging out with my husband and babies on our back porch.