Would you recommend it?

A few nights ago, my husband Micah and I were at Pinthouse Pizza, a favorite place of ours. We ran into an old friend who asked us how marriage was going, and more specifically, “Would you recommend it?”

Now, although we answered him honestly, it was probably a little bit of a joke with sincerity intertwined. However, it got me thinking. So I wrote about it. And I promise, even if you say ‘I’m doing this dating already,’ it looks completely different when you’re in such close proximity all the time.

Would I recommend marriage?

Yes If you are ready to make that commitment.

If you’re ready to lay down any pride you have, and I PROMISE you have more than you think.

If you’re willing to forgive and keep no record of wrongs.

If you’re ready to support someone in ways you didn’t know you could.

If you’re ready to be humble.

If you’re ready to have someone (in ways to encourage your growth with the Lord) want to talk about your sins and flaws and help refine you.

If you’re willing to die to self.

If you are willing to communicate, and overly communicate.

If you’re ready to be patient.

If you’re ready to be quiet, and be okay with the silence.

If you’re ready to hang out with your best friend literally all the time.

If you’re willing to know their habits, and share your own.

If you’re willing to cry in front of someone, show your true self- I promise that this looks different than dating. PROMISE.

If you’re willing to fold your spouse’s delicates, and learn how they like their clothes folded.

If you’re willing to let your spouse still be themselves, even though they are married, they still have things THEY like to do.

If you’re willing to learn things you never have before, because your spouse enjoys it.

No – You’re Not Ready

If you aren’t willing to give 110% every day to your spouse.

Marriage is NOT 50/50. Divorce is 50/50.

If you aren’t willing to put the other person first.

If you aren’t willing to pray over them, for yourself, your future family, and any problems that may arise.

If you aren’t willing to stay calm.

If you aren’t willing to give love and respect.

If you aren’t willing to grow.

If you aren’t willing to be SELFLESS instead of selfish.

Marriage is wonderful. Work? Yes. But the rewards are much greater than the work!

Elisabeth Brown

Elisabeth Brown hails from Tennessee but resides just outside of Austin, Texas. She likes to balance work and play, though doesn't mind when that line gets blurred. Her favorite things all live under the same roof where the residents may have two or four legs. Teamwork is the name of the game in her marriage and the kitchen is where she thrives, whether it's making a bottle or cooking for friends. Her heart and home always seems full.