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My sweet baby, 

As I sit here feeding you, nestled in my arms, your little hand opens up and reaches for my finger. My heart simply melts. Could there be anything sweeter than your baby grabbing your finger? They hold it as tight as they can as if you to reach out and say, “I love you and please don’t ever leave.”

A child reaching for their mama is one of the sweetest parts of motherhood. It’s one of those feelings you wish you could bottle up and open on hard days.

I know the way you reach for me will change as you grow, I simply pray you never stop reaching.

As you become a toddler, I pray you reach for my hands while you learn how to walk and run. I will be right there to guide you and make sure you don’t fall.

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As you become a preschooler, I pray you reach for my leg and hold on tight before going into that classroom. I will be right there to comfort you and make sure you feel safe. 

As you become a big kid, I pray you reach for my arms when you’ve had a hard day navigating friendships. I will be right there to wrap you in a hug and make sure you are heard. 

As you become a teenager, I pray you reach for my shoulders when the future starts to weigh heavy on you.

I will be right there to listen and let you rest some of that weight on me. 

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And as you become a grown adult yourself, I pray you reach for your phone when you need advice or just want to chat. I will be right there to answer every time. May you visit often and reach out for a hug every time. 

In every phase of life, may you always look toward your mama. And may you know that no matter how you reach out, I will always be there to grab you. 

May you never, ever stop reaching for me, my sweet baby. 

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