As moms, why is there so much pressure to act like we have it all together?

I have come to hate the term “SuperMom.” In my opinion, if you are a mom, and you are trying the best you know how to be a great mom, then you are a super mom.

But lately I feel like the label of SuperMom is something we as moms strive for. You have this picture in your mind of a mom or two that you know—their kids are always bathed and dressed nicely and well-behaved, their houses are spotless, they’re active in the community, they make Pinterest crafts with their kids, they cook all their healthy meals from scratch, they have a perfect marriage, their bodies are fit and healthy and they workout every day—you have her pictured?

Well let me tell you—I personally don’t know a single mom who fits that description. And it DEFINITELY isn’t me. And do you know what? I am OK with that. I actually want to apologize if I have ever given anyone that impression.

All it would take is a glance around my always-messy house for you to see for yourself. I call it a win if my kids get bathed 2-3 times a week (that number will increase slightly in the summer when they are outside more). If you have ever been in church with us you know my kids are not the best-behaved, we are avid supporters of our local pizza place (and by that I mean once or twice a month because their, I have written before about how imperfect my marriage is, and I could go on and on!

I don’t actually see the point either of trying to pretend that I have it all together. I don’t think any of the aforementioned things are indicators of your mom skills, or of your love for your children. So can we all please just drop the facade?

A while back when one of my best friends was trying to convince me to start a blog, I kept resisting on the premise that I don’t have a perfect life to show. I am not a skilled crafter, or baker, I don’t have photography skills, etc.

I finally conceded with the agreement that my blog will show my imperfect life—my messy house, my love handles, all of my Pinterest baking fails, the daily chaos of being pregnant and having a 5-year-old and two-year-old in tow, etc. It reflects my imperfect life—the one I love.

Because here’s the thing—you might doubt my baking skills, or my housekeeping skills, but you will never doubt the love I have for my children or my family. And THAT to me, is what makes moms – super. 

So hold your heads high, moms. Don’t compare to the mom next to you—because chances are, she doesn’t have it all together either.

Michaela Gasseling

I am a Christian mom, farmwife, La Leche League Leader, and health and fitness enthusiast. My passions are helping people to get to know Jesus, and encouraging others that having a good relationship with food and movement is worth learning! I am also a small-town Nebraska girl, a runner, coffee-addict, a certified PiYo Live group fitness instructor, an empowerer, and a rural influencer. I blog about our crazy life at  I have a new title of SAHM and all my listed roles fill MY cup. The loves of my life—along with my farmer—are our four kids. I am learning to navigate life on a farm and at home after moving to my husband’s family’s place after 10 years of living in the city. Prayers and coffee accepted.