To my mother-in-law in Heaven,

It never gets easier. Year after year, it still feels so fresh. The pain of grieving you.

Every detail still lays precisely in my mind. I know what you’re seeing now far outweighs anything you could be seeing here with us, but I wish you could see.

I know you’re basking in the Father’s beautiful presence and dancing in His glory.

But I still wish you could see.

I wish you could see your son—the man he has become.

When we were first married, we were just babies, but you and I were already so close.

You were so kind and comforting to me. You encouraged me and told me things about your son. Like how he needed constant reassurance and how he was always your baby. You told me he was special and had something great for him. You were his biggest supporter and you’d be so proud.

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I wish you could see his accomplishments. I wish you could see how he carries the strength for his family. How he works so hard, how he loves God and puts Him first. How he prays for us.

I wish you could have seen the moment he became a Daddy for the first time.

The light in his face, the gleam in his eyes, the love in his heart. How he trains and disciples them.

You always laughed with me about how big his hands were, compared him to a giant. I wish you could see those hands holding his precious babies.

You’d be so proud.

I wish you could see how God pulled him out of the darkest days and set his feet on more solid ground. How the times he felt like he failed, God was only preparing something better ahead. He held on.

You’d be so proud.

I wish you could see that all of the beautiful things you taught your son really paid off.

I remember the moment he hugged you for the first time after returning home from living further away. You were so proud. He towered you as he wrapped his arms around your little momma stature, and you melted into his arms. Puddles of tears. Tears of joy. Tears of love. I know you’d do the same now.

I wish you could see the gift of laughter you inspired in him. His jokes and hilarious personality. How he lights up a room and helps lift the spirits of anyone who is down. A true gift.

I know you would be so proud.

More than anything I wish you could see your beautiful granddaughters. You’d chuckle how your son got blessed with so many girls. You’d adore the red hair, freckles, and how this one looks just like you. You’d be so proud.

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I know you’re walking on streets of gold and no longer in pain from the cancer.

If there was a post office in Heaven, I wish you could see this letter.

To my mother-in-law in Heaven, you’d be so proud.

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Diana Reeves

Hi! I'm Diana! I'm a daughter of God, wife, and homeschooling momma of three beautiful daughters. I believe that grace doesn't mean the journey will be easy, but grace means that God will see us through till the end. I've learned (still learning) through life's many ups and downs, that finding grace through Jesus Christ gives us strength and dignity through it all.