Smiles turn to sobs. Giggles turn to groans. Squeals turn to screams. There are moments where I can hear pieces of my heart breaking as tears roll down the sweet face of my baby. I scoop him up, pull him close, and whisper, “It’s OK, Mommy knows how to fix it.”

It’s OK to be hungry, bud, Mommy knows how to fix it.

It’s OK to be tired sweet pea, Mommy knows how to fix it. 

It’s OK to be scared darling, Mommy knows how to fix it. 

And it’s true. A snack, a cuddle, a silly storyI can usually make it better. 

I heard myself say this the other day. I scooped up my son and whispered those words. He was calmed within seconds. The tears began to dry and the red puffies started to go away. He smiled and laid his head on my chest, calm and content. 

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This moment struck me deep. How often am I scared? How often am I anxious? How often do I feel completely alone? Overwhelmed? Unsure? I thought, It would be nice to be scooped up and comforted when I feel like I’m falling apart

But then I remembered, I can. God has promised to be there for me.

As His child, He invites me to crawl into His lap and collapse with exhaustion. He promises to carry me when I can’t walk anymore. He promises to listen as I cry. He promises to make a way for me. 

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Listen carefully next time you are feeling defeated. You’ll hear Him whisper, It’s OK my child, I know how to fix it.

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Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown is a new face to the blogging world but has been a lifelong writer. She used writing as a therapeutic outlet to overcome a severe bout with anorexia. She has since mentored many women online that struggle with navigating the choppy waters of this life. Katelyn has been recently promoted to a stay-at-home-mommy that keeps it real. She is willing to display her own flaws in order to help others. Her goal in this life is to use her own victories and struggles to help other women. Katelyn hopes to build a platform for women to feel empowered by their own flawed journey.