I’m not just raising my children, I’m raising someone’s husband. I’m raising someone’s son-in-law. I’m raising someone’s friend, someone’s co-worker, someone’s role model.

I’m raising gentlemen.

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I had this irrational fear when I found out I was having boys that I would be responsible for raising the last gentlemen on earth. It sounds silly but it’s true, and it’s always on my mind. Every decision I make as a mother revolves around who they will eventually be.

Because of that, I have become intentional about what my boys are taught, what they watch, the people they are around, and the examples they see because I feel the weight of raising gentlemen in today’s society. What they see now is what I want them to be in the future.

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My boys are learning how to be gentlemen, and they do it all of their own will, in their own sweet, little ways. 

They ask me to dance in the kitchen. They bring me flowers. They make me breakfast in bed. They help clean. They listen to the details and remember what my favorite things are. They ask me on dates. They do their work and earn money.

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They are so kind. They are respectful. They are thoughtful. They are honest. They are gentlemen. They are so many things that I think even grown men lack these days.

I will continue to raise them up in the way they should go so they should not depart from it, because one day it’s going to be your daughters they ask to dance in the kitchen instead of their mom.

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Megan Hardwick

Megan Hardwick is a wife, mother of two, and full-time entrepreneur/marketer.