I cried when the ultrasound technician told me, “It’s a boy!” And NOT tears of happiness. Big crocodile tears. Then I went to Carter’s to choose an outfit for my son to wear home. And I stormed out mad. Because they didn’t make cute boy clothes, and nothing was “just right.” Then I sat in the parking lot sobbing, wondering what was wrong with me. And I realized I was scared.

I was scared because I was a girl mom. I knew tutus, bows, and Minnie Mouse. I knew sparkly cowgirl boots, pajamas covered in hearts, and butterfly kisses. I knew board books about feminism, tea parties with stuffed animals, and how to teach my baby girl that glass ceilings were hers to shatter.

I knew bedtime kisses, sweet snuggles, and an undeniable mother-daughter bond.

But of boys, I knew nothing.

Then seven pounds of wonder was placed in my arms. And the most trusting eyes stared up at me. And I knew there was no love like a boy holds for his mama.   

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Little boys will be gifted clothes with sports on them, even if you’ve never sat through a game of anything in your life. You can dress them in them, or not. But you may as well. Because boys will pee on them. And you. Because boys pee on everything. You’ll gag a little the first time. Then he’ll coo. And you’ll scoop him up, forgetting he just sprayed you.

Boys are magic like that.

He’ll crawl before you know it. And knock over something of value. You’ll cry as you sweep it up. And he’ll reach out to comfort you. You’ll melt into him.

Boys are magic like that.

He’ll walk. He’ll run.

You’ll beg him to slow down.

He’ll teach you that farts are funny, that dinosaurs are proper tea party guests, and that boys like butterfly kisses, too.

You’ll raise him to be a good kid. The kind who both succeeds and supports others.

You’ll worry you’re not doing it right.  

Then you’ll see him stop and buy a cup of lemonade from the neighbor for 25 cents to see her smile. And you’ll feel relief.

And you’ll l look at the boy you didn’t know you needed and realize that because of him, your heart is complete.

Boys are magic like that.

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Cara Arnold

I’m a mama to 3 whose learning to balance parenthood and chronic illness at the hands of autoimmune encephalitis. Some days I’m a soccer mom, carpooling like a boss; other days I’m a relentless advocate, taking on doctors and insurance companies alike. But, if you’re looking for consistency every day I’m a hot mess. My life is a puzzle that’s still not together. I used to think pieces were missing. But it's all finally fitting together. It’s not what I envisioned, and some days I mourn that; but it’s mine. And knowing how fast that can change I try to appreciate every moment of it.