I never finish a cup of coffee.

I rarely sit down.

I could buy stock in milk, bread, and chips.

I vacuum a lot.

All my white shorts have grass stains.

My car is a mess.

I find army guys everywhere.

I dream of pooping alone.

The bathroom is always wet.

I get nervous about what I’ll find in the laundry pile

My mascara is often used as a sword.

All my blankets have become capes.

I have boys.

I belly laugh hourly.

I get high fives for burping.

I wake up excited for the adventures of the day.

I rescue lizards, frogs, and butterflies.

Strangers smile at me.

I receive monster hugs and wet kisses.

I have learned that bed hair can look cool.

I lay in his bed and listen to him breathe.

I love to smell his hair after bath time.

When he cries, a piece of my heart tears and all I want to do is hold him tight.

I get lots of arm rubs and snuggles.

I feel like a superhero.

I wonder what beauty tomorrow will bring.

I am so in love with my little boys.

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Andrea Smolin

Andrea is a special education teacher in Virginia Beach, wife to a police officer, and mommy to three wild and amazing little men. She is passionate about working hard, equality, and living a healthy life. She is a lover of all things- especially when they involve caffeine and wine. Her work has been featured through Her View from Home, Scary Mommy-It’s Personal, Reader's Digest, Red Mill Living, Pregnancy Corner, Kindness Matters, and Love What Matters. When she isn't dreaming of saving the world, she is chasing after her three boys. Follow her on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mommyto3littlemen/ or on Twitter @Andreapsmolin