Dear expectant mama, I watch you marvel as you rub your belly, already searching for his familiar touch.

You wonder what he is feeling and try your best to calm him.

You trade your comfort for his.

You already feel so proud.

You know what it’s like to raise a boy.

You’ll cry when you first meet him like you know he’s not yours for the keeping.

You’ll watch his eyes search the room for you like he already knows how secure love can be.

You’ll hold his hand as he grabs for your finger knowing later you’ll grab his hand as he tries to run ahead of you to the car.

You’ll find yourself covered in hugs and kisses and feel like a princess each time he looks your way.

You’ll discover how brave you are each time his courage tempts him to climb and wrestle and even misbehave.

You’ll learn how quickly you choose to forgive and that grace covers skinned knees and fits of anger, too.

And you’ll collect wisdom like the wildflowers he’ll pick, delighting in what it’s like to raise a boy.

You’ll hear his hopes and his hurts and all his questions at bedtime.

You’ll watch him grow into a warrior, with strength and a handsome grin you’ll recognize.

You’ll wonder if you’ve done enough to prepare him for a world that may be cruel and try to knock him down.

And you’ll pray every day for God to take care of him and equip you to do the best you can.

Because time is going fast and you stand in awe of the ways your life has been changed.

And discover that through the adventures you’ve shared together, that boy of yours is becoming a man.

And you’ll hold each memory close to your heart and never forget the treasure of a lifetime it’s been.

And give thanks just like you did when you first found out you’d be the mama God handpicked to raise him.

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