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I want to tell you the story of a little boy who came to live with me when he was three years old. Some of you may find this story familiar in your own life. Your little boy or girl may have grown inside you and shares your DNA or maybe they came into your life much older than three. This little boy, this special child, my precious gift has special needs.

Just five short years ago, he was a bit mean and angry, he said few understandable words, and there was a lot about this world he didn’t understand. Unless he had a screen or something heavy to push or pull, he seemed trapped and frustrated in his body and mind.

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It took us, his new family, a long time to understand. Sometimes, there are things we still don’t grasp. We failed a lot, but we kept trying and fighting. He had speech therapy and occupational therapy. He and I learned together not to get angry, but to take long, slow, deep breaths.

His first few years of schooling, he stayed home with me and his big siblings, joining our homeschool crew. He made a little progress in academics, but he overall wasn’t very interested. He became interested in police officers, football, trampoline jumping, riding his bike without training wheels, making lots of friends, and Jesus.

His empathy grew and grew, and whenever his mommy or anyone else was sad, he would check to make sure they were okay. His anger turned to super goofiness and his screaming turned to squeals of delight.

This year, we decided to enroll him in school to get some extra support. He’s in a mainstream classroom. He’s everyone’s best buddy. I think he just might be his teacher’s favorite. She gushes over him at every intervention meeting.

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Two days ago, he jumped out of his dad’s truck beaming from ear to ear, holding a piece of paper: student of the month. This little boy who struggled so badly still has his struggles, but I would have never guessed the goodness God was bringing to his life.

He wants to follow Jesus, he wants to make good choices, he finally wants to read, he expresses himself, communicates well, and asks for help when he gets frustrated instead of losing his mind. He snuggles, loves, and cuddles much more than he fights.

Momma, if you’re in the trenches now, if you don’t know which way is up, if you’re frozen in fear or fighting in the wrong direction, know this . . . there is always hope for your special needs child.

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Crystal Fulmer

I am a mother of three biological children and an adopted sibling set of three, a homeschooler, a pastor's wife, a former teacher, and a group-home houseparent. I am a trauma and mental illness survivor. I love to write for encouragement, and I've been finally been convinced to write and publish a book, The Grace of Getting Up, now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, and Westbow Press online bookstore. Please join me on this journey on FB or insta @thegraceofgettingup.

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