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God looked around at all He had created, and He knew He would need someone to teach His children. So God made a Sunday school teacher. God knew He needed someone with a heart and desire to teach children God’s word.

God knew the children would act up and made Sunday school teachers with patience and grace to guide them when they step out of line in class. He also made Sunday school teachers with a touch of discretion to know when the stories of a child may be real or imagined.

God knew this person would need to be filled with love to care for His children. The children would need to see an example of God’s love, so He gave the Sunday school teachers the gift to show and give love. They show love by being good listeners to all the stories, having snacks ready, and maintaining a calm demeanor when the lesson they planned doesn’t go the way the teacher thought it would.

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God knew He needed someone who knew His Word but still had the curiosity and wonder to keep learning. He gave Sunday school teachers the desire to teach children but also a desire to keep learning His Word. These Sunday school teachers learn God’s Word through the lessons they teach and also experiences in their own lives. And are image bearers for Christ as much as they can be.

God also knew His children would want to learn about Him through songs and music. So He made Sunday school teachers with the gift to teach God’s children through music and to instill in them the love of His Word through music. God did not necessarily make them talented at singing or music, they just have a desire to help kids learn about God’s love through music.

God knew His children would also want to learn about Him through crafts. God gave Sunday school teachers the ability to create crafts to glorify Him using everyday objects. These crafts would teach about God’s love through creativity. As image bearers of God, His children will learn what it feels like to create in these moments at Sunday school. And Sunday school teachers have the gift of making just about anything out of a paper plate and glue.

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Finally, God knew His children would need extra prayer warriors. So He gave Sunday school teachers the gift of prayer to be another prayer warrior for each child they teach. And prayer warriors for the other Sunday school teachers they come across, knowing how much the other teachers need prayer too.

God made Sunday school teachers to be amazing examples of His love, grace, and patience. God blessed them with a desire to serve and teach His children. With gifts to teach music, make crafts, and the ability to learn more about God’s Word so they can begin to prepare tomorrow’s leaders of the faith.

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