Written by Jennifer Sill

A fun project for a summer day!

Plus, you get to use up some ‘junk’ that may be in your house.



-Bubbles (or dish soap).
I used my favorite bubble recipe: Bouncing Bubbles, but any should work.

-Old mismatched sock

-Empty Bottle (The Gatorade worked best for us b/c it was a more sturdy plastic.)

-Possibly: duct tape or rubber bands

-Possibly: Food coloring






-Cut the bottom off of your bottle. Leave the small part that you drink from.

-Place the sock on the end of your bottle. *You can also cut your sock to fit and attach the sock to the bottle with duct tape or a rubber band. (Our socks were small enough they tightened around the bottle.

-Dip in  your bubbles or watered down dish soap and blow!!

bubble monkey

-You could also add food coloring and/or glow in the dark paint (or the stuff from inside a glow stick) for added fun.



 Special thanks to Pinterest for giving me this great idea!

Here’s their project: Housing a Forest: 



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