June is National Safety Month, so we have provided a few activities and songs that will help your child have fun while learning some ways to stay safe. Take time to do each activity and see how many ways you can creativity teach safety to your child each day. 

Street Sign Scavenger Hunt

This activity puts a fun twist on the popular game of “I Spy!”  On your next car ride point out various street signs and ask your child what they mean. After giving your child several guesses explain the reason for the sign. This game will not only help your child begin to be mindful about roadway safety, but will help refresh your memory as well!

Stop Light Snack

Who doesn’t like a fun snack with a great learning opportunity? Simply grab graham crackers, M&M’s, and frosting. Give each child a small portion of the cracker to form a stop light and three M&M’s (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green). Cover the cracker with frosting. Place each “light” on the cracker as you would see it on a real traffic light. Talk with your children about the importance of watching the lights and what each color means. Afterwards you have a fun snack to enjoy! You can also use cream cheese and a variety of fruits if you would like a healthier option.

Safety Songs

“Buckle Up” Song

Sung to: “A Hunting We Will Go”

The wheels go round and round
We drive the car in town
We buckle up
In case we stop
So we’ll be safe and sound.

Traffic Light Song

Red says stop, ( hold up left hand in “stop” gesture )
Green says go, ( right arm motioning )
Yellow says wait, (Hold up index finger)
You’d better go slow!
When I reach a crossing place, (cross arms at wrist)
To the left and right I turn my face,
I walk, not run across the street, 
and use my head to guide my feet! (Point to head and feet)

Community Helpers

If you are wanting to take your children on a fun field trip they will remember, take a trip to your local Police or Fire Departments! This is a great way to introduce your children to their community helpers, learn some fun safety tips, and possibly earn their own shiny badge or red fire hat. Make sure to thank them for their service to your community!

Check out SafeKids.org for more information that can help you and your family stay safe!


Jennifer Beck

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