I know. I am 30. I know, it’s crazy. I don’t have children.

Am I going to have children? Do I want to be a mom? Why don’t I have kids yet?

I hear it all the time. As a high school teacher, my students are fascinated with my personal life. And that is totally acceptable. I let them tell me that their mothers are my age. It doesn’t offend me. They aren’t old enough to realize that potentially their comments and questions are hurtful. Or maybe that there is a reason beyond their knowledge and understanding for why someone does not have children.

But what is the excuse for adults?

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes – everyone and their mothers asking when you are going to have a baby. I recently had someone ask me if I considered freezing my eggs – just in case. Really?

Do people not realize maybe it isn’t that easy? Or perhaps maybe you have a different plan? I know it is an exciting thought and most of the time the questions are harmless – but coming from the perspective of a woman who is thirty, who did have past fertility issues, and who isn’t ready for children right now – it is frustrating.

If having fertility issues and going through a divorce taught me anything, it taught me to be considerate, and a whole less judgmental. #lifelessonofthecentury. You don’t know what people are going through. You have no idea what their plan is. Is it wrong to just be happy right now – being married? My husband is working on his doctorate in physical therapy, I just started a business, I’m loving this whole blogging thing, and to be honest, I am just not ready to put my body back through it yet. And I am totally okay with that. Of COURSE I want to be a mother. Of course I want a family. But I don’t think anyone needs to justify their life choices, or explain their situations.

Can we just be happy for each other?

Ashley Morgan

My little family is my life. I am so proud to be Mrs. Morgan and am of course obsessed with my little pups Diggy and Samson. I have a ridiculous passion for health and wellness, and am constantly educating myself. After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 2007, I returned to Cincinnati to start a career teaching health and physical education. In 2010 I began teaching group fitness classes and have continued to advance my education while perusing certifications in fitness, nutrition and personal training.