You guys, what I love most about Her View From Home is the community we have formed. A community of women and men who support each other through words, shares, comments, likes, prayers and donations.

Strangers, really – who meet in one space to help out another going through this crazy ride of life.

Here’s another family who could use a little boost in all those categories. Check out the intro from her dad, Ben and then find out how you can help!

This is the story of my awesome wife (Beth), me (a graphic designer dad) and our first baby, LoLaine (LoLo), and the crazy journey she took us on.

At 36 weeks, Beth used her “psychic mom powers” and asked for an ultrasound at our doctors appointment. This resulted in the doctor giving us the ole’ hand on the shoulder, “I’m really glad we did this” move. She discovered a large teratoma, a kind of tumor, on the front of our daughter’s neck. Very rare, very scary, and definitely wasn’t there at our 20 week ultrasound.

We spent 77 days in the Omaha Children’s Hospital with LoLo; from an emergency delivery with 55+ medical professionals in the room, to a major tumor removal surgery days later, a trachestomy, fundoplication, G-Button and everything in between.

They still have a long road ahead. Here’s how you can help.

1. If you’re able, please donate at their Go Fund Me Campaign. Guys, they are at $2,590 right now. Let’s help them meet their goal of $10,000. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Here’s the direct link again:

2. Read and share their story. I’m a big believer in the power of prayer and kindness. Let’s spread it. Read their full story here.

Thank  you for being awesome. Let’s help in anyway we can.

xoxo to you all!

Please Help Baby LoLo

Please Help Baby LoLo
Please Help Baby LoLo

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