As I have embarked on my pregnancy journey, I have realized that every single woman’s road is a little bit different. But it seems like the large majority face many of the same issues: aches and pains, trouble sleeping, absolutely nothing in your closet looking cute or able to cover your growing belly, stretch marks and so much more.

I’m a newbie to this experience, but I have stumbled on a couple items that have made this all a little bit easier for me. These are my essentials for pregnancy:

  • Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. I’m a stomach sleeper. I know, I know. It’s definitely not considered the ideal sleeping position, but it’s what I have always preferred. I didn’t have too big of a problem sleeping on my stomach, until my baby bump starting appearing, thus sleeping on my stomach is uncomfortable/impossible. My superhero husband came to the rescue and bought me this divine pillow! It basically cradles me like a giant baby, and I am able to sleep easier on my side with that extra cushion and support.
  • Burt’s Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter. I actually stumbled upon this at Target while perusing the cosmetics. It was fairly early in my pregnancy but I decided to give it a try. And so far it seems to be working! I haven’t noticed any sign of stretch marks, and it keeps my skin moisturized and soft without being greasy. It also has no scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin.
  • Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Jersey Leggings. It’s hard to feel pretty or normal during pregnancy, especially when you see your reflection and it looks so foreign and round. So finding items of clothing that help you feel a little bit like your old self can be uplifting. These leggings are comfy, fit great and still allow you to wear cute tops, boots, etc. Plus, they are incredibly affordable!
  • “It’s Really 10 Months.” My best friend bought this book for me, and I couldn’t put it down. The correspondence between the three moms is often hilarious, and it felt as if they had many of the same thoughts, worries and emotions that I have experienced. Just from the title, you can expect to get very real perspectives from ladies who have been there and done that. And one big bonus for me: They are from Nebraska!
  • Pink Blush Maternity. When I was 20 weeks, my mom took me shopping for maternity clothes. When we found the tiny corner of maternity items at one particular store, my heart sank. To me, everything looked oversized and like something a much, much older woman would wear. We did manage to find some great pieces elsewhere, but my favorite place to find maternity clothes has been Pink Blush. It’s affordable, and the items I have purchased are things I would have worn before I got pregnant, albeit providing a little more room in the tummy region.

It’s not easy growing a human, but finding little items – even if they qualify as materialist or vain – can help you feel so much better about yourself. Just remember that you are beautiful and deserve a little bit of pampering during this special time. 

Ashley Bebensee

Hi! I’m Ashley, a Nebraska girl living in Wyoming. I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska, graduated with a class of 28 and ventured to the middle of the state to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney. It was there I met the love of my life and husband, Brett. He is the most romantic, kind and intelligent person I know. And he makes me belly-laugh (truly the best kind). We have two cats and two dogs that are spoiled rotten. I am a content manager at a weekly newspaper, where I get to spend my days reading, writing, editing and designing a newspaper. British television shows, wine and caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are my guilty pleasure. Shopping with my mom, going to the movies with my husband, long phone conversations with my dad and spoiling my nieces and nephews are just a few of my favorite activities. While I try to plan out all the details of life like the good control freak that I am, God is always throwing in curveballs. And so far, each of those curveballs have given me a bountiful amount of stress and love, adventure and joy, and more blessings than I could have ever imagined.