My baby girl is growing up, as evidenced by the fact that her first birthday is this week (if you need me I’ll be crying over a piece of cake and scrolling through baby pictures.)

Among other things, this milestone means it’s time to switch out her infant car seat for something she can continue to grow into. I’ve been researching, reviewing, and biding my time until this Cyber Monday just hoping there would be some good deals. 

And guess what? 


Whether your little one is a baby, a toddler, or a full-blown kid, if you’ve been putting off buying a new seat (because let’s face it, car seat shopping is pricey and a total pain)—now is the time. You know, if scoring major savings is your thing.

Below are some of the hottest limited time car seat deals going on right now, and bonus? All of the seats listed are rated four stars or better. Win/win!




This seat is made for babies weighing five to 65 pounds, and is capable of being set both rear facing and forward facing. 

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This convertible car seat will see your little through all stages of childhood. It’s intended for kids ranging five to 100 pounds, and can be set in three different positions.

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For the family on the go, this car seat and stroller duo just makes sense. It’s easy to fold up and haul around for all of your adventures.

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This seat boasts easy installation and adjustment, which pretty much makes it a dream.

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The Simply Safe Adjust Harness System on this seat means bypassing the annoying work of rethreading straps as your child grows. Hallelujah! 

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Want to check out some other options? Shop all car seat deals HERE!

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