Hey, mama. I see you with that bundle of energy. I see those ladies at the post office watching you chase your daredevil kid out the door, grabbing his arm just before he hits the parking lot, “Ooh, you got your hands full with that one!”

I have one, too.

Our kids don’t sit still. They talk loud. They fight with their siblings. There might be some screaming and cry-whining.

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We think we’re doing something wrong.

But they’re just strong-willed, high energy, big personalities. Whatever you call it, we have some.

Our brothers-in-law might close their eyes in holy terror when they come to our house and see our kid standing tiptoe on a bar stool crushing crackers into as many crumbs as possible in their mouth.

“Sit down. SIT DOWN,” he might yell, on behalf of parents with perfect children everywhere. You continue to eat dinner, “It’s fine.”

It’s fine, bro. You’ll get a wild one one of these days. Maybe. 

Wild mom, you and I will make it to the other side of this season stronger.

We know what we’re capable of because we’re doing it. We won’t be tricked into thinking we’re perfect parents because we know the truth, kids are hard and we’re doing the best we can. 

Wild moms have empathy. We give out smiles like candy when another kid is having a meltdown in the grocery store. We’ve been there.

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Wild moms are just happy their 2-year-old didn’t break an arm today or poop on someone’s pillow. 

These wild souls chose us because they knew we could handle them.

We love them, and we are so excited for them to go to bed. 

Genny Rietze

Genny Rietze lives on the beach in Alaska with her husband, two busy kids, and twenty chickens.  You can find her on Instagram @gennyrietze