School may be winding down for the year, but teachers are busier than ever. As a former teacher, I can attest to the madness of this stretch of time leading up to summer break. There are field trips, award ceremonies, standardized tests, finals . . . the list goes on and on. 

Your kids’ teachers have spent the last nine months juggling all.the.things, and now is your chance to say thank you! Not sure how to show your appreciation? We’ve rounded up some foolproof ideas for you. There’s something for every teacher here!

Because I Had a Teacher
Could this book be any sweeter? For extra sentimental value, have your kid write a personalized message on the inside cover.


Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is a simple yet pretty reminder of just how special teachers really are. 


Bamboo Travel Mug

This, because what teacher doesn’t need a Thermos full of coffee or tea to get them through the day? This bamboo tumbler comes with a mesh filter for those who like to brew their own loose leaf tea.


Desktop Sign

The quote on this cute little desk sign could not possibly be more true!


Funny Drinkware Set
I mean, really—need I say more? This mug/wine glass set is a funny gift that will help your kid’s teacher survive the last few weeks of the school year.


Straw Tumbler

It’s a known fact that teachers are so busy throughout the day that they often forget to drink enough water. Help them stay hydrated with one of these 32 oz. tumblers. We LOVE the pretty color choices!


Academic Calendar Planner & Lesson Book

There’s not much teachers like more than a cute planner and lesson book. I know, it’s weird. Trust me on this, though, it’s a teacher thing!


Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Book

This is another gift your kids can personalize by writing in all of their favorite things about their teachers. This is a super sweet addition to any teacher appreciation gift.

Rustic Letter Board

This letter board will look go perfectly at home or school, and is a stylish way to display all of those inspirational quotes.


Educational Rockstar Shirt

Have you ever seen a more accurate definition of “teacher”? Bonus: this shirt comes in tons of a ton of different colors, so there’s something for everyone!


Bear Sticky Note Dispenser

Teachers go through sticky notes like nobody’s business—why not add a little fun to their posting with this unique dispenser?


Teacher Shark Shirt
Dare you to read this shirt without singing the song! I’m seriously considering returning to the teaching profession for the sole purpose of getting to wear this.


Chaos Coordinator Pop Socket

“Chaos Coordinator” is pretty much the equivalent of the word teacher, and this pop socket is the equivalent of the word cute.


Personalized Monogram Tote Bag
A teacher can never have too many tote bags for hauling papers and who-knows-what back and forth between school and home. This bag (which you can personalize with your teacher’s initial) gets brownie points for being so cute.


Insulated Food Storage Stacker

I so wish I’d had this back in my teaching days. What a clever way to take a multi-course lunch to school . . . or really, anywhere!

And finally, the best kept not-so-secret of teacher appreciation.

Can I tell you what teachers really want? Gift cards. They spend so much time, energy, and money on their students, but hardly any on themselves. Giving a gift card is a way to say, “Here, treat yourself. You matter, too!” That’s a reminder all teachers need. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Amazon Gift Card

And don’t forget that teachers can use the gift card towards Amazon Prime Pantry. We love Prime Pantry because it saves a trip to the store for the items we buy regularly, so it’s great for busy teachers. And subscribers enjoy access to an exclusive selection of low-priced items in everyday sizes. Save yourself a trip to the store. Check it out here.





Brinker Restaurants


Ulta Beauty


Teaching can so often seem like a thankless job, but you can change that for your kids’ teachers. If you have an educator in your life who deserves some gratitude for a job well done (don’t they ALL?) try one (or two, or three . . .) of these gifts to show them just how much you appreciate all of their hard work. Trust me, they’re more than worth it.

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