01 Henderson Farms

We bet you didn’t know you needed a spurtle in your life—but you do! What the heck is a spurtle, you ask? Head over to Henderson Farms to find out and check out some of the other gorgeous, farm-style products. Caitlin Henderson, the face behind the shop, also just so happens to be a long-time writer for Her View From Home!

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02 Cultivate What Matters

“Good things grow over time, through little-by-little progress.” This line pretty much sums up why we love this company so much. The gorgeous goal planners and journals are great tools to help us cultivate the lives we dream of living.

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03 Lasting

Marriage matters. It also happens to take a lot of work. Thankfully, there’s an app that can help! Lasting—the nation’s #1 relationship counseling app—provides accessible sessions designed to help you build a healthy marriage. Give it a go with Lasting’s free Relationship Health Assessment.

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04 Faithbox

In the day-to-day chaos of life, it’s easy to lose sight of what (and Who) really matters. That’s why we fell in love with love Faithbox—a monthly subscription to strengthen your faith. It’s a convenient, intentional way to grow closer to God.

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05 Tiny Tags

Finding the perfect meaningful gift for someone you love can be tricky. The sentiment hidden in every piece of Tiny Tags customizable jewelry has made it a go-to for us when it comes to gift giving and special occasions. 

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06 Her View Writers' Books

Her View From Home shares stories from the heart of every home . . . from all over the world! Several of our writers are also published authors, and we’ve rounded up their books in one place for you to check out here.

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