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One day God looked down from Heaven and saw a family split in two. 

He understood there were so many ways a family came to be that way. Through time and circumstance and tough situations, they were battered and scarred. 

They needed someone to help mend their brokenness, so in His wisdom, God handpicked the most special kind of woman and sent her into their lives just when they needed her most.

So God made a stepmom. 

He knew she needed to be brave. Walking into a home full of strangers and turning them into family is no easy feat, and it would take a special someone to be up to the task. She would have to pay her dues and prove herself, not only to the man she loved but to his precious babies as well. 

So God made a stepmom.

He needed someone who would take on the challenge of inheriting children seemingly overnight. A woman who would rise to the occasion and put their needs before her own, always. He knew she would dream up little ways to make them feel special, and look inside their souls to see them for who they really were. She would be strong enough to discipline them and teach them life’s lessons, but also soft enough that they knew they could always turn to her.

So God made a stepmom. 

He needed someone who would love their dad. Someone who would stand by his side through good times and bad, and show them how beautiful love between best friends could be. She would restore the twinkle in his eye and the laughter in his voice. 

So God made a stepmom. 

He knew she would be resilient—a woman who would never give up on her new family.

She would recognize the hurt behind the You’re not my moms and the I don’t like yous and meet them with compassion and grace. She wouldn’t walk away when things got tough . . . and they would get tough. 

So God made a stepmom. 

He needed a woman to add color to their lives. One who would make them laugh at silly jokes and start family traditions for them to look forward to. She would take them on adventures and open their eyes to new parts of life. She would smile with them in the sunshine and bring joy to their days.

So God made a stepmom. 

He needed someone who would always have their backs. She would keep the secrets they couldn’t tell anyone else and lend her shoulder for their tears. Her ears would always be open to listen and her heart open to understand.

So God made a stepmom. 

He chose someone wise enough to know she could never replace their mother, but devoted enough to love them in her own uniquely perfect way. She would respect the bond that came before her and never try to taint it in any way.

So God made a stepmom.

It wouldn’t always be easy—He knew that.

There would be tears and heartache and struggles. Some nights she would go to bed wondering if they would ever accept her, but she would wake up the next day with the strength to keep trying. She would know it was all worth it—that they were worth it. Day by day she would prove she was all in with them forever. 

And although she wouldn’t share their blood—even though she wouldn’t pass down her eyes or her hair or her smile—she would love them with her whole heart anyway. As if they had always been a part of her.

She wouldn’t realize it, but she would be the biggest blessing—the best bonus—to their lives.

So God made a stepmom.

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