If you give a mom some free time,

She’s going to find some laundry to do.

When she gathers the clothes, 

She’ll probably see her son’s toy.

When she takes it to his room, she’ll see his memory book.

Then she’ll want to write in it . . . 

To make sure she doesn’t get behind.

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When she gets a pen, 

She’ll notice an unfinished milk cup.

So she’ll probably take it downstairs to wash it. 

When she’s finished washing all the dishes, 

She’ll want to wipe up all the counters, too. 

She’ll start wiping. 

She’ll get carried away and 

Wipe every surface in the house. 

She may even end up vacuuming the floors as well. 

When she’s done, she’ll probably be tired.

She’ll get her laptop with a blanket and pillow.

She’ll sit on the couch,

Make herself comfortable . . .  

and rest her head on the pillow.

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She’ll probably check her social media.

She’ll scroll through her newsfeed, 

And look at all the pictures. 

When she looks at the pictures, 

She’ll see a picture of her friend’s baby,

Whose first birthday is coming up.

She’ll go to Target’s website. 

She’ll order a gift. 

When the gift is purchased, 

She’ll want to look at pictures of her son’s first birthday.

Then she’ll want to frame his pictures on the wall. 

Which means she’ll need a hammer and nails. 

She’ll hang up his picture,

And stand back to look at it.

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Looking at the picture wall will remind her . . .

She needs to pick up her son.

So . . . 

She’ll go upstairs to change. 

And chances are if she goes upstairs to change,

She’s going to want to do the laundry. 

Lauren Barrett

My name is Lauren, and I was born in New Jersey, grew up in West Virginia, went to college in Pennsylvania, and now live and work in North Carolina. I'm a high school teacher of the deaf and hard-of-hearing by day, a cross country coach by the afternoon, and a writer by night. I love my faith, running, watching baseball, chocolate, scrapbooking, pretending I would actually do well on the Amazing Race, re-watching The Office, listening to Bobby Bones, inspiring young minds, and as of recently momming it!