A few months ago a friend shared with me an idea that will always remain with me. She spoke about being in the “thin space.” I had no idea what she was talking about, and she shared how the thin space is when it’s you and God with nothing in between.

I love this idea and know the times I am in the thin space, yet if I am honest with you, I spend a lot of time in the thick spacewhen I have allowed life’s layers to come between God and me.

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Today, as I drove by my favorite local lake, I saw this. I had to pull over and sit with this beautiful visual. I had to ask myself, Are these layers of ice on the lake growing or are they melting?

The same question is significant between me and God. Are the layers between God and me melting or are the layers growing between us?

I share this with you today in case you want to live in the thin space too. I invite you to join me to . . . 




May we take a moment to absorb this picture.

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Let’s be honest and ask ourselves what layers are between us and God right now.

May we be still with God so He can help us melt those layers away to get back to Him being the primary layer in our life. Then, from this thin space is where God will be able to help us better get through the thickness of life.

With love and hope,


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Shawn Elizabeth George

Shawn Elizabeth George is an encouraging author, speaker, and the founder of Live from the Inside Out, LLC and Pause. Breathe. Pray.™ products. Shawn is passionate about encouraging others to live from the inside out and be the person God made them to be. Shawn's books include Align with Your Divine Design, Our Struggles Have Purpose - 50+ Life Lessons from My Walk with Cancer, My Journey to Live from the Inside Out and the children’s book, A Place for Sam. Shawn is married her patient husband, Stephen and they live in her hometown in Connecticut with their three courageous kids and quirky black lab, Georgia. Connect with Shawn at www.shawnelizabethgeorge.com and on FB and Instagram @shawnelizabethgeorge.