I have been the prodigal daughter of a prodigal son.

I have wasted the waste that was given.

I have run away from His secret places and found my own personal self-surrender, and I have fallen painfully to the ground more times than I could ever name.

I have been the prodigal daughter.

I have had bruises on bloody knees and have held my face between damp and folded hands.

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I have memorized the texture of the floor beneath me and the heavy sounds of broken breathing have become a favorite record in my mind.

I have been the prodigal daughter with surrendered limbs and not an ounce of strength left to even try.

I have retraced the steps and followed the scattered crumbs left behind from those who ran before me.

I have tried a thousand times, and a thousand times they have led me back into despair.

I have been the prodigal daughter desperately trying to find her way back home.

I have cried out to my Father, and I have jumped into His arms!

I have heard the words,

“I forgive you.”

And I have dared to believe that He did.

I have been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb, and salvation has called me REDEEMED.

I have been stripped of layers soiled in shame and have felt the sweet release of ancient shackles and long procession of chains.

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I have been lifted to my feet and felt the gentle hands of restraint upon my shoulder.

I have been a newborn eagle—not quite ready, but eager to fly.

I have soared to heights beyond the comprehension of my eyes, and I have landed with the grace of a feather from within my new wings.

I have also fallen back down to the earth and found that sometimes records will keep on singing long after the pieces are shattered and thrown away.

I have been the woman running from the fire, and I have turned around for one last look.

Yes, I have been dead.

I have been given new life.

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I have fallen back down.

I have landed on my knees.

And . . . 

I have been lifted back onto my feet time and time again.

I am being sanctified every single day.

I am the daughter of a KING.

Orriginally published on the author’s blog

Laura Gaston

Laura is a wife, mother of 5, and blogger at brokendevotion. Having struggled with severe depression and anxiety throughout her life, she feels that she has been given a special ministry in helping others who walk down this road. Just as He called, and continues to call her from her ashes and into a life of beauty and redemption, she now hopes to inspire others that Grace has no limits, and that nobody is beyond Christ's reach.