I apologize.

I realize, I haven’t always been a good wife.

Well, actually, I’ve known it for a while. But, I’ve just been too stuck to admit it.

I know what you might be thinking… I’ve been a good mom. Sure. I do what I need to do. Sure. I have done my job in The Mom department well. Sure.

But… And here’s the big BUT…

I have dropped the ball as your life-partner.

And here’s why:

I have spent too much time keeping score.

I have resented you getting to be an adult, while I’ve felt left in this mom-mode thing.

I have been insecure about my job as a care-taker.

I have been too tired and too frazzled and too distracted; and sometimes don’t even have dinner on the table or groceries in the pantry. And at times~I haven’t given a damn.

I have acted jealous of your career; and secretly I have resented it. And you.

I have dismissed your parenting skills at times, and thought my way was the only way.

I have been too tired, too insecure, too self-conscious.

I have been so overwhelmed that some days I haven’t even bothered to ask you about your day.

At times…

I have juggled and dropped the ball.

I admit it.

And now that I’ve acknowledge it, I can try to change it.

I’m sure I’ll keep messing up. Again. And again.

But, I’m admitting where I’ve gone wrong (and, as you know, this doesn’t come easy for me).

So, maybe this is a good first step?

Next up… perhaps turkey pot pie?!

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Valli Vida Gideons

I am a military bride, who writes about raising kids with cochlear implants, military life, and other things from the heart. Unrelated but not irrelevant... I have a degree in journalism and wrote my first short story in second grade about a walking/talking sponge; I've been an exercise instructor since my teen years (Flashdance sweatshirts, leg warmers and vinyl records to prove it); and may have been an extra on the vintage 90's hit, Beverly Hills 90210 (proof still found on VHS tapes). I got hypothermia in my first marathon at mile 25.5, but went on to kick butt the next six times I toed the line; I use to cut hair on Melrose Ave. in another life; and I am still besties with my two closest pals from elementary school, who encouraged me to share my story. This is my journey. I hope it provides a sliver of inspiration for anyone who is entering or in the midst of a fog. Follow my journey on Facebook and my blog!