Being strong doesn’t mean you never cry. It means you find the courage to continue within the tears you shed.

Setting boundaries is a facet of strength that is often overlooked. You cannot be the mama, wife, friend, sister, aunt (and more) you are called to be if there is nothing left of you at the end of each day. There is strength in setting limits, both for yourself and other people, that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Some of the strongest people I’ve met know how to ask for help. They set aside their pride, ask for what they need, and accept whatever comes their way graciously. Leaning on your husband might be looked down on by some of the world, but I know it makes the Lord smile. We are not meant to drag our way through life alone.

Seeking the comfort you need from those who help hold you up is the definition of strength. 

Asking Heaven the questions on your heart and having faith that an answer will eventually come even though you don’t know how it will get to you is strength. Reaching out to Heaven, especially when you don’t want to, is a token of strength that is unparalleled.

Sometimes being strong means looking at your massive to-do list and in the midst of being overwhelmed, picking one thing to do. Just one. No one can do it all at once, mama, so don’t try to. Stepping back and doing the puzzle one piece at a time is being self-aware.

Saying no is strength. I know you want to be the best neighbor, church member, and friend you can be, but no one can say yes to everything. Completing acts of service is work of the Lord, no doubt. But if your plate is so loaded it’s starting to crack and you are losing pieces of yourself in the process, then saying no to some things is necessary. It makes you stronger, not weak.

Sometimes being strong just means showing up.

To work, to school, to town—it just means being there. Your head may not be there, but the fact that you trudged through the roughest day and showed up anyway is strength in its purest form.

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Knowing when to take a break is strength. Knowing your limits is invaluable. Seeking help does not make you less than. Holding your head up at the end of each day when it feels like you absolutely can’t is being strong. Learning and living through each day makes you stronger.

Heaven is always on your side. There are angels here on Earth, and even more on the other side, cheering you on and holding you up when it feels as if you can’t muster the strength to go on.

Mama, you are strong. You are bold. You are beloved by many. Each day is better because you are here. Don’t ever forget that.

Jordan Morgan

Wife & mama just winging this whole thing one day at a time. I’m a SAHM with a love for words, travel, the South, family, Jesus, and a relaxing swing on the front porch. I try to find humor in all things and keep motherhood real – the good and the bad. You can find me over at or on Facebook @jordanmorganwriter