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Confession: Ted Lasso didn’t interest me at all. 

Soccer is not my thing. I live in the kind of Midwestern state where soccer is code for “I’m either freezing on the sidelines watching my kid play in 40mph winds and snow, or sweating so much I’m sticking to a camping chair in 100-degree heat, there is no in-between.” It’s just a fact of life for us. 

So when the Apple TV+ series first crossed my radar, I skipped it. Who cares about soccer (nee, fútbol for our European pals)? Then my husband and I needed a new series to watch a couple of months ago after the kids went to bed, and we’d just gotten one of those “3 months free!” offers from Apple TV+. 

Alright, we figured, we’ll give Ted a try. 

And I’d like to go on record here and now as saying I WAS WRONG because Ted Lasso is (and if you watch the show, you’ll get this reference) *insert four letter word* genius. 

We gobbled up the first two seasons of the Jason Sudeikis show like Rebecca devours her biscuits with the boss. We, of course, headed to the internet to find out when season 3 would be streaming . . . only to find no one knew. 

Well, AFC Richmond fans, it’s almost time to break out the red and blue jerseys and pour a pint, because Ted Lasso is returning this spring!

The streaming service made the announcement on social media this week with a cheeky little nod to everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed player-turned-coach, Roy Kent:

Warning: if you haven’t watched the first two seasons of Ted Lasso, there are spoilers ahead.

The Emmy Award-winning series wrapped up season 2 with a plot twist: Coach Nate has defected to Manchester City where it appears he’s now head coach, completing his good-guy-turns-villain story arc. And the new owner of the AFC Richmond’s arch nemesis? Rebecca’s smarmy, moneybags ex, Rupert Mannion.

(Insert signature Roy Kent glare—and probably another string of curse words—here.)

As season 3 begins, I think it’s safe to say we have all the questions.

How will Ted, who plucked Nate out of anonymity when he arrived to the Premier League, handle his protege’s betrayal?

Will the team come together in the wake of the shakeup, or will they face relegation once again? 

Are Roy and Keeley breaking up? Because it kind of felt like they were breaking up, and Jamie Tartt is floating around in the periphery becoming an actual grown-up who might have potential, finally?

Will Rebecca and Sam Obisanya rekindle their romance? Is Doc(tor) Sharon coming back, because it sure seems like Ted still needs her and I think I secretly hope they end up together, is that weird? 

Will Higgins occupy an actual office for the entire season? Is Coach Beard still with the on-again, off-again Jane? Does Trent Crimm get his job back at The Independent? 

And, of course, the big one: is this the final season for Ted and AFC Richmond? Reports have long said the show was only planned for three seasons . . . but really?! It’s the hope that kills you, I know, but there’ll undoubtedly be more story to tell, and you know what Ted would tell us: BELIEVE.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: I’ll be watching! 

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Carolyn has served as Editor-in-Chief of Her View From Home since 2017. A long time ago, she worked in local TV news and fell in love with telling stories—something she feels grateful to help women do every day at HVFH. She lives in flyover country with her husband and five kids but is really meant to be by the ocean with a good book and a McDonald's fountain Coke. 

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