You may remember last Christmas Season there was a huge debacle about Starbucks’ changes to their red cups. Yes, in the season of being grateful for the amazing gifts God has given to us in our daily life by giving us the gift of Jesus Christ, we chose to fight about how “Christian” a company that doesn’t claim to be Christian is.

Can I ask you a question? 

Did it stop you from drinking their holiday drinks? Did you really go into Starbucks and yell at a barista about how anti- Jesus they were? If you did, please keep reading because this is for YOU! 

Now society has decided to be OUTRAGED by a new green cup that Starbucks is using between the holiday seasons.

They are outraged because their coveted “red cup” for Christmas gets less exposure.

Here is my message for you.

  • Know your facts before you chose to get outraged about something. This new cup was drawn in one stroke and contains examples of all the people on the earth. It’s in essence, a green-peace cup. Elections take place next week and no one is 100% satisfied with our options, just yesterday we had another shooting rampage taking 3 lives while injuring others, and Native American tribes are fighting for the protection of their sacred land. And you, are taking your time to yell at Starbucks for promoting peace? Please tell me you’re joking.
  • Do something better. If you are so wrapped up in Social Media that you no longer filter your thoughts. STOP! Stop perusing the internet looking for people and things to get mad at and take a stand on. Read a book, volunteer, heck take a walk in nature without your phone! No matter what you do, you need to take a step back into reality and give yourself a break from “internet reality.” Find your purpose in this life and if you are lost, pray. Pray hard, I’ll be praying for you too.

If you are truly, actively fighting for your “pro” Christmas message and demand on getting the message out as early as November 1st, then do something good with it. Go spread the positive word of God yourself and the true message of Christmas. Visit shelters, volunteer at food pantry’s, or take time talking to the elderly in nursing homes. Put that passionate heart for God to good use.

I promise you, shouting your swear words at Starbucks via Twitter, is not a positive way to spread the message of Christmas.

In the words of that famous song, let’s give peace a chance.

Image via Starbucks

Rebecca Spohr

Rebecca is a mother to a handsome 10-month-old boy and wife to her husband of 3 years. They live in Huntington Beach, California where they run two businesses out of there home, allowing them to spend lots of time with their son. Rebecca and her husband met in Olathe, Kansas and moved to California in 2006. They are still very attached to the midwest and travel to see family as much as possible.