I’ve been thinking about my life a lot lately and where I am today. I have come to the conclusion that life is like one big road that you just keep traveling on. Sometimes we make stops at certain places and stay there for a while but eventually we start moving down the road again. We simply do our best till we reach the end of our road.

When I think back to the road I traveled on as a child and teenager, my road was smooth! I rarely came across bumps and if I did, it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t work out. It was just the normal bumps in the roads that any child and teenager would run into.

In my early adult years, I had a few bigger bumps to go over on my road with a few potholes. However, I fought through them and kept on moving along. I never let anything get me down nor did I plan on it. As I was traveling down the road of life, life really started to happen. I fell in love, got married and had two beautiful sons. As life was happening, the road started to get rocky. The rocky road shortly turned into a broken road.

I soon found myself raising two sons with autism by myself. The challenges that autism brings daily into the home is simply unimaginable. It is hard to put into words the trials that autism brings to my children daily. Nonetheless, I have always been a strong Christian and I never let my faith and trust in God leave. In fact, it only grew stronger as my road started to break.

The heartbreak of having children with disabilities is one of the worst heartbreaks a mother can go through. Parents of children with disabilities grieve the rest of their life. It never goes away. I not only face that grief but I am also living daily with the grief of a broken marriage. On the day I said my vows to my husband before God and our family and friends, I thought my life was complete. I couldn’t have been happier. I had just committed myself to the man I loved. Sadly, the marriage, just like many marriages of children with disabilities, broke and he left.

The road of life has had lots of bumps but it has officially been broken many times on my journey. What do you do now? How do you keep traveling down your road of life with so much grief? The answer is easy. You have to trust God with your broken road.

God told us that all things are possible with Him. Believe it! It is true.

You might even be amazed to find out that your broken road has made you stronger than you ever thought was possible. Everything does happen for a reason. When you allow yourself to see the beauty in your broken road, you will never wish for once that your broken road didn’t happen. Sometimes the broken road can lead you on the most beautiful journey possible. As long as you trust God with your life, you will see the beauty in everything. Our challenges in life make us stronger. If you are traveling down a bumpy road or even a broken road, the strength you have to get through it will be astonishing. Don’t give up on your broken road. Your broken road will help you in more ways than you would have ever thought was possible as long as you trust in the Lord. In fact, your broken road may turn out to be your biggest blessing.

Angela Conrad

Angela Conrad is a freelance writer, mom to two boys on the autism spectrum, determined autism advocate, and fun-loving person. When she is not doing her advocacy work for autism, she can be found managing her son’s therapy schedules and all the other crazy things that life brings. Angela loves being a mother and cherishes every moment of motherhood. She enjoys making the most of her life as a special needs mother and is blessed that God granted her the privilege of being a special needs mother.