We spent half of our day today making sure none of our children ate AAA batteries. It was certainly a day for the books. 

I put the triplets down for their afternoon nap today and let’s just say their “nap” was certainly not my version of a nap. I had to go in their room a couple times because of fighting. Once it finally got quiet I went in to check on them and make sure everyone was asleep.

I found all three kids quietly playing with their night lights and the batteries that went with them. I was mortified. I frantically picked them up.

“Did you eat a battery? Did you put this in your mouth?” I asked relentlessly over and over. 

They are two years old. The boys told me “No, Mama” and Charlize just said “Eat a battery.” All the batteries were accounted for, but l was worried. The night before I switched out the dead batteries with new ones. What if I forgot to throw them away? What if there was a loose one? I was frantic. Terrified. Guilt struck. 

I called my husband. I don’t even know how he understood what I was saying through my cries. He immediately left work, called our doctor, and we took our kids in for x-rays. I’ve read several stories about kids swallowing small coin batteries and the dangers of batteries in general. Although I didn’t really think they actually swallowed a AAA battery, I knew it was possible. And we had to be certain.

“What are they here for?”

I was embarrassed to even say it out loud. “We are here to make sure none of them swallowed a AAA battery.” 

They had their x-rays. Everyone was feeling normal. We waited for our doctor to call with the results. 

Relief. I felt like I could breathe again. 

No one had swallowed a AAA battery. 

“How did they get the batteries,” our doctor asked. 

I could feel the shame in my voice. 

We used to have night lights that plugged into outlets but the kids messed around with those so we got battery operated night lights. I usually always stick them on top of the changing table, out of arms reach. They have never tried climbing the table and so to be honest I never was really concerned… until today, when I found myself in the pit of my stomach terrified that one of my kids ate a battery. The triplets used their book basket to climb onto the table. And they pushed just the right spot on and they had their hands on the batteries too. 

I was naive to think that my kids wouldn’t do this. And there are a million things running through my head of what I should and shouldn’t have done, so I don’t really need anyone to tell me.

I have to remember that this job, being a mom, is challenging. You are constantly making mistakes, learning, and growing. Being responsible for other humans is hard sometimes. Even though I am ashamed, embarrassed, and mortified of what happened today; I am also relieved. I am thankful. My babies are safe. They are alive. Praise God. 

*This piece was originally published on the author’s Facebook page. 

Desiree Fortin

My name is Desiree Fortin. I am a Mom to two year old triplets. I am a blogger and photographer and love sharing the stories we are given. Follow me on Facebook!