She is strong-willed.

She knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to say it.

She naturally likes to be the leader.

She will hold her ground and dig in her heels.

She has big emotions that she isn’t afraid to express.

She is my strong-willed daughter.

The one who makes me question my every decision.

The one who is my greatest teacher.

The one who stretches my patience to the max.

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She is challenging in so many ways, but I can see beyond the challenges of today.

I can see who she will become.

I see her as a great warrior of the gospel.

I see that this strong personality of hers will one day be used for great kingdom work.

It is my job as her mom to help her harness all of these qualities instead of quenching them.

I am to teach her to use her strong-willed personality to be an amazing disciple.

I am to train her up in the way of the Lord so that one day she will be a leader in sharing the gospel.

And one day her strong will will be used to stand strong on the Word of God.

One day her determination will keep her going even when the world tells her otherwise.

As she grows she will continue to be unafraid to use her voice to speak up for righteousness. She won’t be afraid to boldly proclaim the news of Jesus Christ.

She will continue to dig her heels in and stay firmly grounded in who she is. She will remain anchored in her identity as a Child of God.

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I pray she continues to feel big emotions as she grows . . . to have righteous anger toward things that are not of God.  That she would have unlimited compassion for the lost and have exuberant joy from the Lord.

I pray for myself as a mother to not just see the ways she challenges me each day but to see ahead to who she will become in Christ.

She will be fierce.

She will be courageous.

There will be no stopping her.

She will remain steadfast in the Lord.

She will be a great warrior for Christ because she has strength and grit within her.

I will love her, pray for her, guide her, and ask God to use every ounce of her strong-willed personality for His glory.

Jennifer Toscano

I am a wife, mother to two beautiful daughters and a follower of Jesus. I recently started my blog as a way to document my journey in faith and to share God's great love with others. I also love to cook, read and do graphic design. You can find me on Facebook: and on my website: writing about faith, hope and motherhood.