We are almost there, people! A few more days and this school year will be in the rear view mirror. I think I speak for a lot of parents when I say, “Thank goodness!” I don’t know a single person who isn’t ready to be done. Although there are many wonderful things about summer, here are a few things I think rate highest on the “Yay, it’s summer” list.

1—No homework! That means no reading logs, no projects, no worksheets, no studying for tests (sorry – “assessments”), etc. As each of my three sons (who are each five years apart in age) have journeyed through high school, the work load has increased to the point of where it’s just too much. I am sick to death of saying, “Is your homework done?” It’s become my catch phrase—I’m guessing they will put it on my tombstone. Added bonus—textbooks go back to school and all the papers can go in the trash!

2—No portal! With my two older sons, there was no parent portal. Young parents have no idea how much better it was when grades came in the mail. It was more like ripping off a Band-Aid rather than this slow drip of constant information from the school. Our high school, in all its infinite wisdom, now releases grades in a relentless fashion—each week the quarter ends in different subjects. This allegedly puts less pressure on students, while extending the suffering of parents. But for two blessed months in the summer, we will have earned a break from the ridiculous portal. Added bonus—I can use my computer as it was meant to be used—on-line shopping, Facebook, blogging and watching SNL clips!

3—No morning stress. Some kids are just not morning people. And some moms are just not morning people, or at least not until coffee has been consumed. Without school, mornings become a whole lot more civilized—no last minute dashes for the bus. No forgotten instruments, lunches or assignments. It’s a beautiful thing. Added bonus—a little bit of extra sleep.

4—A modified, more relaxed schedule. Although your child may still have summer activities, overall, it’s a slower pace; the pace at which I’m convinced we are supposed to exist. No more eating dinner on the run and dashing about. Two whole months without religious school, music lessons, sports, and all the other pursuits in which our children are involved. Added bonus—filling up your gas tank less frequently.

5—The weather and longer days. If you can get past mommy bathing suit trauma, summer weather rocks! Without layers, there is less laundry! And no searching for lost mittens or hats! No need for boots and snow pants. Flip flops and t-shirts are easy peasy. And how great it is to not have it dark at four o’clock? Kids can play outside after dinner (without fear of frostbite). There will be time to read those books and magazines that have been piling up and catch up on those Netflix series you’ve missed. Added bonus—peaches, plums, cherries and watermelon—who doesn’t love summer fruit?

Savor each and every moment of summer because, in the blink or an eye, fireflies and warm nights will soon be replaced by shorter days and back-to-school shopping. There have got to be things I could put on a “best things about Fall” list, although at this moment I prefer to think about all that is wonderful about summer. On that note, I think I’m going to go make myself an iced tea!

Marlene Fischer

Marlene Kern Fischer is a wife, mother of three sons, food shopper extraordinaire, blogger and college essay editor. She attended Brandeis University, from which she graduated cum laude with a degree in English Literature. In addition to Her View From Home, her work has been featured on CollegateParent, Grown and Flown, Kveller, The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Beyond Your Blog, The SITS Girls, and MockMom. You can read more of Marlene’s work on her site here: https://marlenekfwordpresscom.wordpress.com/