There is something so special about a kitchen sink. My kitchen sink. It is my favorite spot, my favorite view in our home. It holds memories that will last a lifetime, and I will forever look back and be grateful for my time at the kitchen sink.

It is the place where I rinse dishes to be placed in the dishwasher after I have fed my family a home-cooked meal. It is the spot where I hand wash special dishes that were used to hold a holiday meal or a special family gathering. There is something quite humbling about scrubbing leftover food off of a friend or family member’s plate. It is almost as if the empty plates hold the highest compliment in the world, the compliment of appreciation. Appreciation for a good meal consumed. Appreciation for the time taken to prepare the meal ahead of their arrival. Appreciation for the memories made around the table as we broke bread together.

It is a place where hands, feet, and sometimes hearts are washed.

I wash my hands there in the midst of preparing supper for my family. My husband washes his hands there after a hard day’s work accomplished around our home and the farm. It is where little hands and feet are scrubbed after a fun-filled day of playing hard outside in the dirt. It is where cuts on hands and scrapes on knees are cleaned and mended. It is a place where tears are caught, broken hearts are pieced back together, and boo-boos are healed. 

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That dear kitchen sink is spilling over with love. It is the place I wash my babies. It is the spot where my husband comes up behind me while I am washing pots and pans to plant a sweet kiss on my cheek and tell me he appreciates all I do for our home. It is there that deep, heart-felt, sometimes heated conversations are had while a pan may be getting scrubbed a little harder than normal.

It is the place where my servitude for my family begins, whether it is filling the kettle to brew tea to have on hand throughout the week or filling the measuring cup to start preparing for that evening’s meal. It has a window sitting above it that holds many of my favorite viewsour family farm, watching my daughter playing in the yard, and soaking in God’s beauty of creation.

No matter how the day might go, you can always be certain the kitchen sink will be there when you need it.

It’s stationary, steadfast, and accessible. It won’t often fail you, and you always leave cleaner from it than when you arrived. It regularly reminds me of how my relationship with God should look. Like the sink, God is stationary, He is always there, never unavailable. He is steadfast in our lives, always dependable. And lastly, you always walk away from a conversation or interaction with God cleaner than when you arrived. He wipes our slate clean with forgiveness and love. The way we hold trust in the kitchen sink, believing it will always be readily available to us, is the same way we should hold trust in God and His around-the-clock accessibility.

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No matter where you have been, what you have done, or what you have said, the kitchen sink will always be there when you get back to welcome you, to mend you, to clean you, just like the One who created you.

Meghan Moyer

My name is Meghan. I am a stay-at-home momma of two, an LEO wife, and a farm to table enthusiast. I love spending time with my family, I hold steady in my faith, and I enjoy gathering around a table with friends and family over a home-cooked meal.