Dear infertile me,

Infertility does not define you.

What defines you is the cross that has the ability to heal all things.

You were given a mothering heart; don’t you know God makes no mistakes? He will not call your heart to something that He will not fulfill.

Dear infertile me,

God works in ways you cannot understand. But, I promise someday you will look back and see His faithfulness through every high and every low.

You’ll go crazy trying to figure out the reasons you struggle . . . please remember, He is the reason. Someday your struggles will bring healing to yourself and to others. And they will bring glory to the Giver.

Dear infertile me,

I know the heartache you endure is almost too much to bear, but I promise the joy to come will make it worth the pain.

Someday you will hold twin girls, four pounds of pure beauty. You’ll look into their eyes and see yourself. You will cry tears of joy, fear, and thankfulness. You will forever be changed.

Dear infertile me,

Your wounds of the past struggles and pain you endured bringing these beautiful lives into this world will fade. They will never go away, but every time you look into your daughters’ eyes you will see the goodness and faithfulness of your Almighty God, and your wounds will slowly heal.

Dear infertile me,

One day your two blessings will cry out in the night for no reason other than to be held in your arms for a just a few minutes. It won’t bother you to stand their next to their cribs and breath in their sweet smell because it wasn’t long ago that you dreamt of this.

Dear infertile me,

The struggle you are enduring will make motherhood so sweet.

Your infertility is not a curse, and it is not only a part of your journey, but it is truly a blessing.

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Rachel Granstra

Rachel Granstra, a Jesus follower, farm wife, and twin mama. She was born and raised in northwest Iowa and met the love of her life at age 18, and sealed the deal on her 20th birthday. After struggling with infertility for over 3 years, the good Lord blessed them with their two miracle babies. Her passion to serve the Lord by loving her family is the driving force behind Little House on the Feedlot. If she can just bring one family closer to the Lord and to each other, her mission is a success.