Does anybody else liken this morning to the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the little munchkins peek out from the flowers unsure of whether the wicked witch is dead? The wicked witch isn’t who you think, I’m talking about the wicked witch of the campaign. What a terrible beast of trashy commercials, say anything surrogates, and stomach churning media drops from both sides! It’s over. You can finally turn on your TV without shielding your children’s eyes and ears. You don’t have to worry anymore that your children will learn a four-letter word from CNN!

But just like Dorothy discovered, that dead witch has an evil sibling waiting to do even more damage than her sister. She comes in the form of folks who don’t want to move on, who stand in the way of pushing forward and re-uniting these fabulous 50 states. Maybe you had neighbors that put out signs in support of “the other guy,” maybe a co-worker has a decal on the back of their car rooting for “that crook, idiot, _____  (you fill in the blank)”, how do you look at these people in the same way now that you know how they really feel?

It’s simple. We have done it a thousand times before in the grand ole U S of A. We find that our differences are what makes us all the same. The same kind of people that if we look back far enough, realize we are all immigrants, we were all fighting for equality about something or other in the history of America, be it religion, race, sex, it was something. 

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Lion were all looking for something different from the Great Wizard of Oz. But as it turns out, what they were looking for was buried deep inside the whole time. Be the change that you were looking to gain from this presidential election. You want better jobs? Do the best you can at the one you have. Want to save the earth? Pick up your trash, recycle, take a shorter shower. Pro-life? Volunteer at a clinic, talk to women struggling with tough choices. Whatever it may be find some way to manifest your hopes and wishes into truth and action.

Americans, clearly have a lot of fight in them. Let’s fight for our country. Let’s bridge the divide. Don’t let the wicked witch of division take away all so many have fought to build in this great country. We all want the same things in long run: financial security, good health, safety, and most importantly-the best for our children. In the end, at the tail-end of this very long red, white, and blue bricked road, our children are all that matter. Let’s show them how to agree to disagree on some things, but come together in agreement that America is the best place on earth. After all, there’s no place like home…

Kim Derrick

Kimberlie Derrick, the creator of is freelance writer living on the east coast. She is happily married with two young sons and praying for more! She received degrees in Psychology, Anthropology, and African American Studies from the University of Houston and spent time studying abroad in West Africa. She is currently working on her first series of children's books about a quirky kid named Quincy.