The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind – the – scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”- Steve Furtick





Parent insecurities have always existed. Are you raising your child the way they should be raised? Do you love them enough? Are they happy enough? Do I spend enough time with them? These insecurities existed way before the development of social media and they continue today.

With social media our insecurities are at their highest. We compare our not so perfect life with those all so perfect pictures. We compare our not so perfect marriage with the date nights posted and happy moments of others. We measure our level of happiness on the happiness caught in that photo that took approximately one second to take. We measure the status of our friendships on the get togethers of others. We think about our decision to go back to work as we watch the crafts and togetherness of mom’s and their kids who stay at home. We look at the anti aging of beautiful friends as we sit in our pajama’s, no make up, wrinkles and think…….how in the world do they do it?

Well guess what? News flash. They don’t.

If pictures couldn’t get more perfect, apps have been created to even perfect the pictures that are already perfect. The perfect skin tone, the perfect smile, cut out the behind the scenes of the messy house – we are perfecting the already perfect. 

To add some life to this I asked friends to send me their Facebook post vs. what was really going on behind the scenes. 


















I am the first to like the perfect picture of a friend. Let’s face it – it is pretty perfect. And I applaud and cheer on the moment and memory that was created in that minute. Even if it was a minute. 

The problem is not in the post. The problem is in ourselves. 

Not recognizing that life is not all peaches and roses; comparing ourselves to others. When it comes down to it, who are you in the not perfect moment? Who are you among suffering? Who are you behind closed doors? Who are you behind the post? That is all about what is inside, what is in your heart and that is not up for comparison. That is up for a humbling moment between you and your faith; between you and your Creator. When you seek that and confirm that – you can acknowledge behind every perfect picture was a not perfect moment. You can applaud others as you find joy in your imperfections. What can’t be seen behind those perfect pictures is the perfect heart. 

There is an app for that too, only this one speaks truth……….The Bible

Taking Steps By Faith,


Dana Hurst

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