There is one thing I have learned since becoming a mother, the power of sisterhood. Whether it is a relative, a close friend, or a friend from social media – these girls are my tribe. What I love about my tribe is that not all are mama’s. I have single friends and married friends who are there for me. They are the ones who let me cry or lean on their shoulder for support, they are there online when I cannot sleep, who will catch up for a wine or coffee, and also their doors are open.

We remove our masks, let it down and expose it all to each other.

The laughter, the tears, the cries, the secrets, and the fears. Everything is welcomed, no judgement is here – whether I have no make up on, if my place is messy, if I am running late, or I cannot make it to events. That is life. When one enters my tribe, a silent pact is made, to look out for each other, in the good times and in the bad times. My hope is for all mothers to be fortunate enough to have and seek sisters. It is what ignites the flame in friendships and makes life more fun and exciting.

Not long ago a friend of mine knew I was struggling. She knew my husband and I had not been on a date for months. We both work full time. My parents live 4 hours away so it is hard to take time out from our busy schedule. So, out of the blue, my friend messaged me and offered to look after our son. My husband and I ran to the movies and relished those 2 hours.

It was bliss.

I am ever so grateful for my step mother also. She treats my son as if he is her own grandson. When she can, she will look after my son. At times, I can easily recluse, and then all of a sudden receive a text or call. It is that one message or call that can turn it around, and I am then reunited with a sister.

These friendships with these women are so important. It is what bounds us, strengthens us, and empowers us. It is a sacred bond. Whether these friendships are short term or are forever, cherish them. Make the most of it. When these experiences and memories randomly, spontaneously cross my mind, I smile. I laugh. I shed a tear. I reminisce.

I am so grateful, so blessed to be taking part in life with them. In turn, I can only aspire that I am half the friend they are to me. Never be afraid to reach out, or make a call, send a text or knock on their door. That is what Sisterhood is about – to be deliberate, to be willful, to make an effort. Because, the voyage in life can get rough, sometimes lonely and life is too short to experience that.

These sisters just make life more bearable and enjoyable.

Her View From Home

Yvette Mystakas

Yvette Mystakas is the founder and owner of She is Sacred - a blog, which embraces Womanhood, Sisterhood and Motherhood. She writes raw, from the heart, heartbreaking yet empowering words of her struggles with mental health, the importance of self-care and identity. Yvette has brought together women from across the globe sharing each other's stories. Whether they are a mother, single woman, wife, girlfriend, she is reassuring that we are all not alone and to embrace this beautiful mess. You can follow Yvette's journey on Facebook and Instagram.