A girl with a noble character is hard to find.
Her family can trust her.
She sees things to be done and does them without being told.
She has a good attitude when asked to do something.

She makes wise decisions about her friends.
She tries to put others first even when she doesn’t want to.
She stands up for herself and the underdog who is being bullied.

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She tells the trutheven if she is going to get in trouble.
She is strong physically and not lazy.
She is a problem solver in all situations.

She has a kind sense of humor and can laugh at herself.
She uses kind words. (She tries to.)

She loves people when they need it the most.
She is loyal to her friends and keeps her promises.

She tries to find her own style and walks to the beat of her own drum.
She is content with what she has.

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You will see her character, which is how you will remember her. Not her looks or what she did, but how she did it.

Above all else, she tries to honor God and grow to be what she was created to be, not what the world expects.

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Nik Bowers

Nik Bowers is a writer, speaker, and parent educator who has taught students from elementary to college age. She has mentored women with eating disorders (after recovering from her own), designed mentoring and social-emotional programs for girls ages 9–18, and raised her own daughters to be strong and independent women.

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