Each and every New Years Eve, people from all over the world wait with anticipation as the new year rolls in; some hopeful, some not, but all moving forward with time whether they like it or not. As the clock ticks over into the new year, some people feel a sense of relief as they let go of worries, pain and disappointments, whereas others instantly feel excitement about the new possibilities ahead of them and having a fresh start.

Although I view the new year as a clean sheet of paper ready to be written and illustrated upon, I don’t buy into new year resolutions. I truly believe that the new year is NOT the exclusive time to be making resolutions. I believe that in order to make lasting change in our lives, it requires us to be both reflective AND productive every single day of our lives, not just on January 1st. We all have the capacity to make choices and initiate change whether they are great or small. These are the changes that can transform our lives. There are so many wonderful opportunities ahead, but the responsibility to initiate it is yours.

 Don’t wait for January 1st to quit your job, start a new career, begin studying or adopt a puppy. Don’t wait until January 1st to leave an unloving relationship, move houses, hire a cleaner or tell someone you love them. Don’t wait until January 1st to stop smoking, eat healthier, start exercising or contact a dear old friend. Don’t wait.

 Just do it today.

And by ‘today’ I mean ‘everyday’ of your life. Do it as you feel it.

 Acknowledge what isn’t working for you today and invest in yourself by reflecting, planning and actively pursuing change so that you can be HAPPY. Think less about what other people want from you and more about how the only person that measures your own happiness is yourself. Ask yourself how you can be the very best person you can be and if you can’t think of something, just choose kindness… firstly to yourself and then to others. When you’re kind to yourself first and foremost, you are choosing happiness.

 Here’s the thing about your situation… You have actively participated in every single choice that led you to exactly where you are and who you’re with right now in your life. So, if you don’t like it, then change it. Change it now. Don’t feel as though you HAVE to do it on January 1st either.

 A New Year’s Resolution is not an instant solution. Creating lasting positive change in our life should be fluid and constant. Instead of making resolutions on January 1st, use all of the positive energy attached to new beginnings to accept the past for what it was and close it if you need to. Accept that it was simply part of the journey that led you to where you are now. Reflect on your life as it is today and dream your biggest dreams so that you can be the best person you can you can be. Let your aspirations move you forward naturally. And if you aspire to create a better work life, personal life, romantic life or any other type of life, just remember to face the sun and begin to move forward.

Tash Guthrie

I’m Tash and I’m a full time primary school teacher, a business owner, business coach and a busy mum. I live on a beautiful rural property on the Far North Coast of NSW Australia with my gorgeous hubby and baby girl, Amelia. I adore wine, cheese platters and parking my butt in front of a good renovation or property TV show. I am so incredibly passionate about women in business and have coached hundreds of women to build businesses from home that support their family, nurture their true self and create a flexible lifestyle, completely on their terms. You can visit me over at www.tashguthrie.com.au