Years ago I remember having a conversation with a friend about how every day of the week seemed to have a purpose. Fridays kick off the weekend, Sundays we rest, Saturdays we party. Monday sets off the workweek, Wednesday means we’re halfway to the weekend, and Thursday is Friday eve.

So, what good is a Tuesday?

Neither one of us could come up with a good label for Tuesday. It’s just an unimportant day stuffed in a line amongst bigger days with more meaning from the world. I didn’t realize the hidden meaning of that conversation until my kids came along.

The Tuesdays are what make us.

We cycle through our memories to the big days in our lives: graduations, births, weddings, state championships, first steps, health scares, tragedies, deaths, and trouble. These memories come easy to us. I’m sure most people would even label some of these categories as turning points in their lives, for the better or the worst.

These days hold grand emotion for us, embedded in our hearts forever.

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We often forget the Tuesdays. All those days that blip across our lives with no real purpose, or so it seems. The mundane days when you make breakfast for dinner because you’re too tired to do anything more elaborate. Days full of errand running, school drop-offs, sports practices, checkups, and work commutes.

These Tuesdays matter, too.

We are made in the Tuesdays of life.

The sweet and simple flow of our lives is what echoes on for generations.

Sure, the big days and milestones are important, but the Tuesdays create the feelings our kids will want to carry into their own families one day. You can’t find these feelings on a big day. You need the slower pace of a Tuesday to have a chance to really feel what I’m talking about.

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The snuggles on a couch on a Saturday morning. The same bedtime story for the eleventh night in a row. Folding the tattered pajamas each of your babies have worn and now grown out of. Dancing in the car on the way to school. Handling the huffs of exhaustion on a Thursday. Finding ways to make it to all the things that need your attention this week. Eating popcorn for dinner because you forgot to go to the grocery store, again. Swinging in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.

The mundane is just as important as the monumental.

The Tuesdays are what our souls remember.

I think that makes them matter more than all the other days in the end.

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